Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ACS / TCS 2010 – Bee*R in the Club

The annual easter car show was held at Helsingin Messukeskus (Expo Center). It's a 4 day mayhem of American classics and dragsters etc, the other half is full of Euro, Jap, Tuned and exotic flavors. Drifers, lowriders, ICE cars etc. One corner is stuffed of Street Fighters and other motor bikes.

This year Alien2nrs-crew & friends were hanging at stand [read - motorhome], enjoying the laid back scene [read - drinking BeeR].
I helped few friends with their graphics (HC Graphics), like Samuli's [] Time Attack GT-R, Puppe Speed's styled MK4 Supra, Valtonen's mental RX-7 (Powered by Nissan SR20DET), Nikke's #02 car aka S13, Team Falken Drifter and Atte's Techart Porsche to name a few.
Juhis did he's usual stuff, the Team Falken video loop for the pit screens and some photoshooting.

I didn't want to take my car again to this show, so I did something else. The expo has an official party always on the second day of the 4 day extravaganza.
I got asked if I wanted to take my car to the afterparty – to the Club? Yes, that's right. Well it's first time for that, I thought.

Here's the results:

The guest star for the evening was rap artist Redrama.

This thread would be worthless with out pics. Juhis worked he's magic behind the lens again, check the out pics here: ACS/TCS 2010.

Here's a poor video clip of the afterpartys club flavors.

This was shot at The Circus nightclub in Helsinki. It took us few hours to get the car up on the stage. I think it was worth it, what a night! Thanks for everyone who came along.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

X-treme Car Show 2009

X-treme Tuning & Custom Car Show

The show was held in Helsinki Ice Hockey hall.

The X-treme show held in centre of Helsinki. The show had Customs, Hot Rods, Tuning, Styling, Ice, Motorsport, Bikes and more... The 2009 Nordic Tuner Awards Finals were held as well, with some 40 show cars around Scandinavia. 
The show program had live stage, with some random guests. The international guests from USA, like the moroons Duane Meyer (ex-Boyd Coddington employee) and Bernt Karlsson aka the Discovery Channel TV-series American Hot Rod guys.
Duane almost got he's ass kicked at the night club – what a joke this dude is. Just as dumb the TV-series let's him to be. Eventually he got kicked out at the afterparty, hah.
I talked with Bernt at the saturday night X-treme afterparty – he was alright. He was very keen on finnish girls, lol.
Well, this was s nice show, but it missed a bit of cars in my opinion. Could have had more to see!?

Puppe's Supra with HC Graphics theme

Lemppa's +1000 hp RB26DETT. The reasent make over had, Carbon doors, bootlid etc. Bumpers are coming next, nice & light.

This beast had the fattest rear rims ever. Sick!

De Palma themed Impala. Nice three wheel motion, best old school in my opinion.

You can't go wrong with a HKS T51R turbo. This set up was found to feed 2JZ Supra.

Chop Chop... Jacob's Custom

The Woodruff Special - well, at least it was low!

So clean, so powerful, so loud...

Varis widebody Evo, just so brutal!

More pics by Juhis, found here.
And pics by X-treme's gallery.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eurocruising 2009

Couple photos on this years first and only Eurocruising night.

Cassu posing with his Merc ML

Teemu´s Subaru and Pade´s Evo on back. As you can see it was very dark and rained once a while.

Some random Hondaaah

Some Merc again...

Cassu´s ML again


MK IV Supra with new stickers by HC-Graphics

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Neste Rally Finland

Alien2nrs where cheking some Rally action about month ago, but we all have been really busy with our own projects that we haven't had time to post anything about that on blog... so here you go!

Maybe the biggest nutcase was the Russian driver Novikov whos jump was one the longest of the race. He just had a bit bad landing... pics from the Special Stage Leustu.

Citroen space shuttle with two Russian cosmonauts jumped at the speed of 146 km/h (91 mph). Yes, they had radar just before the jump. Sick speeds on gravel, huh. The jump was 55 meters (180 ft) long, landing bumper first.
Unfortunately, they had an accident later that day and could not finish the race.

Some Fwd jumping..

Lasse talking with De Sanctis who have been here quite many times :)

LOTS of pics here: Neste Rally Finland 2009

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Rallisprint - Nurmijärvi

Alien2nrs crew went to see some Rally Sprint action last sunday.
The Pakkauspojat Rallisprint was a national race. It was held at Karhunkorpi Industrial area. The track was all tarmac with plenty of chicanes and few long straights to get these beasts going. The organizer was Nurmijärven Urheiluautoilijat (NuUA), great track!

One big thing on Rallying is called "Ralli makkara"

Some action:

There was also some car classics, as this fully rebuild Henri Toivonen replica Porsche. Really sweet!!!

More photos:

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bee*R – Call of Duty

My friends from MDS called me bit over month a go to help out. They had a car show coming up in Easter and they didn’t have cars for the stand. So I stepped up the cry – 5 mins after closing the phone I realised I couldn’t take “the same car” in the show 2 years in a row. It needed a new look, something different. Right – the game was on.

New wheels, sourced as second hand. Bargain deal, but they still needed some new twist to stand out. I wanted semi-vip style and rat-look at the same time. Let’s call it Rat-Vip ;)

The new "pots" are 9,5x19 and 10x19 Work Euroline DH’s. Front ET is 0, rear ET -6. The rims were quite new, made in last year. Still wanted to give them a something, so a new paint to match the cars exterior and new ruff styled rim screws or spikes if you will. Now they look mean but classy.

Front lip is 3,5” and Rear lip 4,75” – Nice dish. Team Falken helped out with FK452 tires in 265/30/19 all around.

The new setup needed graphics as well, so I had few late nighters behind the Mac again. I wanted the car to be mean and brutal looking, so I ended up in a urban war theme – Full Metal Jacket.

Attack of the Killer Bee*R

RB26DETT – the weapon of choice

B324R = Urban Assault Weapon, the greatest street terror machine of all time :D

I had 8 other project cars to finish to the show, so my car was the last of them. HC Graphics aka Henri (me) & Casper did it again – totally different look. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but do I really give a shit? Nope.

Hifi update!
Alpine sorted me out with the latsest IVA-D106R media player/head unit, cheers to the new even better tunes!

Ooh, and peep out some pics from the show by Juhis: American Car Show / Tuning Car Show 2009

Thanks for the help again boys!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SEMA show 4.–7.11.08 (pt 1.)

Las Vegas kerää tänäkin vuonna taas uusimmat Aftermarket-tuotteet yhden katon alle. Specialty Equipment Market Association, eli SEMA kerää vuosittain n 120.000 käviää yli 100 maasta, joista kaikki ovat vain alan edustajia. Messut ovat siis vain ammattialalla / tuoteteollisuudessa toimiville, eikä normaali yleisölle ole tarjolla lippuja näille messuille. Tässä muutamia uusimpia tyylisuuntia.

GT-RR:n demo-autot matkalla SEMA:an.

Midnight Purple R35 GT-R, Powerhouse Amuse:n ja Mine's:in carbon palikkaa yms...

Toyo:n demo R35 GT-R. GT-RR:n, eli Bullet Proofin / Bespoke Venturesin Benin käsialaa. Sama kaveri siis pyörittää GT-RR:ää ja Top Secret USA:aa yms.
Palikkaa on tässäkin melkoisesti - Amuse, Zele, Mine's MCR, Bride, Top Secret...

Kummassakin autossa Mana-P:n suunnittelemat grafiikat. Manabu Suzukion suht tunnettu kaveri ainakin Japanin Drifting piireissä.

Jay JDMEGO:sta oli saannut nämä kuvat tuoreeltaan blogiinsa.

Tanabe, Cusco, Zele, Sun Automobile ja HighEnd-autokerhojen kalusto näyttää tältä.

Lisää kuvia myöhemmin...

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