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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ACS / TCS 2010 – Bee*R in the Club

The annual easter car show was held at Helsingin Messukeskus (Expo Center). It's a 4 day mayhem of American classics and dragsters etc, the other half is full of Euro, Jap, Tuned and exotic flavors. Drifers, lowriders, ICE cars etc. One corner is stuffed of Street Fighters and other motor bikes.

This year Alien2nrs-crew & friends were hanging at stand [read - motorhome], enjoying the laid back scene [read - drinking BeeR].
I helped few friends with their graphics (HC Graphics), like Samuli's [] Time Attack GT-R, Puppe Speed's styled MK4 Supra, Valtonen's mental RX-7 (Powered by Nissan SR20DET), Nikke's #02 car aka S13, Team Falken Drifter and Atte's Techart Porsche to name a few.
Juhis did he's usual stuff, the Team Falken video loop for the pit screens and some photoshooting.

I didn't want to take my car again to this show, so I did something else. The expo has an official party always on the second day of the 4 day extravaganza.
I got asked if I wanted to take my car to the afterparty – to the Club? Yes, that's right. Well it's first time for that, I thought.

Here's the results:

The guest star for the evening was rap artist Redrama.

This thread would be worthless with out pics. Juhis worked he's magic behind the lens again, check the out pics here: ACS/TCS 2010.

Here's a poor video clip of the afterpartys club flavors.

This was shot at The Circus nightclub in Helsinki. It took us few hours to get the car up on the stage. I think it was worth it, what a night! Thanks for everyone who came along.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 World Time Attack Challenge

Take a sneak peak what's probably going to be one of the finest Time Attack events this year.

The cars for the event:

Hi Octane / Advan Nissan GT-R R34 – Engine: RB30DETT (RB30 Block and RB26 Head), Estimated Power: 600 HPATW

2010 Unlimited AWD Scion tC – Engine: 2.4L Toyota 2AZFE, Driver: Chris Rado, Estimated: Power 1000 HPATW

Tomei / Cusco Subaru Impreza TA WRX – Driver: Eiji (Tarzan) Yamada, Engine: EJ25 (2.5L Flat 4 Cylinder), Estimated Power: 500 HPATW

R-Magic Pink No. 4 MAZDA RX7 FD3S TYPE R – Driver: Kinoshita Mitsuhiro, Power: 589.3 ps/8184 rpm

Sun Automobile Cyber Evo TA – Engine: 4G63, Driver: Eiji (Tarzan) Yamada, Estimated Power: 700 HPATW

FX Motorosport Honda NSX – Engine: FXMD Modified C30A, Driver: Billy Johnson, Estimated Power: 600 HPATW

Pan Speed Mazda RX-7 – Engine: 13B rotary (654cc), GCG T04Z Turbine...

NOTARAS Mitsu Evo 9 – Engine: 4G63 (2.3L), Driver: Steve Owen, Estimated Power: 590HPATW

Sierra Sierra Mitsu Evo – Endine: 4G63 2.2L (off the shelf short block), Estimated Power: 560 HPATW

BSM Nissan GT-R R32 – Engine: RB26DETT, Estimated Power: 600HPATW

APC Racing Mitsu Evo 8 MR – Engine: 4G63, Driver: Cameron Dyal, Estimated Power: 600 HPATW

999 Automotive Honda Integra – Engine: K20A (2.4L), Driver: Jun San Chen, Estimated Power: 400 HPATW

Unique Auto Sports 1991 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo – Engine: VQ30 Twin Turbo, Estimated Power: 576 HPATW

TILTON Mitsu Evo 9 – Engine: 4G63 (2.1L), Driver: Gareth Walden, Estimated Power: 600HPATW

Here's just few of the cars from Japan's, USA's & Aussie's track weapons.
The event is held in Sidney – Eastern Creek Raceway, 21-22 may 2010.

Read more about it:

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Monday, March 1, 2010

CarbonVision feature

CARBONVISION - Bee*R car feature

Wow! CarbonVision is a Online Tuning Magazine based in Netherlands.

Jordy de Droog (aka JorDinhO) is one of the CarbonVision crew, he asked if he could do a feature of my car.

Well, here's the result. Pictures by Juhis. Props to everyone behind this collaboration.

Here's a link to the full feature: BeeR CarbonVision

Check out the other features of really clean rides:

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Friday, February 12, 2010

TEIN - Dampachi & Dampatty

If you're ever heard about the Japanese suspension brand TEIN, you have propably heard of TEIN's mascot Dampachi!?!

Well, Dampachi just got a new girl friend – Dampatty, a shy girl that we don't know very much about just yet. This is what TEIN says about her:

– We would like to thank you all for your continuous support and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our latest mascot “Dampatty”, the girlfriend of our existing loveable mascot “Dampachi”.

“Dampachi” will be joined by “Dampatty” to promote all TEIN products from henceforth and we hope you will all welcome and support our new mascot.

Here's Dampchi's personal profile:

Name: Dampachi
Sex: Male
DOB: March 10, 1985
Birth Place: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Main Characteristics: Large Eyes, 4-dimensional extra reservoir tank on his back
Body Height: Inconstant, as his head (rod) moves up and down.
Body Weight: Unknown, as it changes with the imposed load.
Favorites: Nitrogen Gas, High-Performance Oil
Special Talent: He uses his magical force, generated with his 4-dimensional extra reservoir tank on his back, to help struggling people shorten their lap-times on circuits and other motorsport battle fields.This ability has made many people happy!
Frequently Appears on: Circuits
Personality: He has a highly competitive spirit. When he could not get the result he wanted in races, he would use his magical power from his 4-dimensional tank to prepare himself to be in good shape for the next race. He is resourceful and acts tactfully in approaching various matters, by effectively using his 4-dimensional tank and twisting the top of his head.
Family Structure: Unknown.
There are rumors around that he has a father, who wears a hat and a brother in a different color...

Random new TEIN stuff:
Window ornaments...

... or computer gizmos.

The "Dampa family" with our view ;)

TEIN: Dampachi & Dampatty VS. TERRORIST: Tuner-Dampa.

Ferbruary 2010 desktop calendar (click for 1280x960).

*TEIN logo mark and DAMPACHI are registered trademarks of TEIN, INC.

** TERRORIST logo mark and Tuner-Dampa are registered trademarks of ALIEN2NRS.COM & ALIENMOTORSPORT.COM

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

R34 Super GT Widebody

Apache Racing in Saitama Japan has come up with new widebody kit. Partnering with the custom guys from Final Konnexion and Brian Crower. The kit has design cues of legendary Super GT -series R34 bodykit. It can be mounted on GT-R or GT-t and it uses oem Nissan/Nismo GT-R front & rear bumpers.

The cars debyt is this weekend in Tokyo Auto Salon 2010.

This is how it started.

Molded bits ready.

Starting to take shape. Notice the rear quarter, it panel goes all the way up to the trunk line. So you can fit this to either GT-t or GT-R.

Nice touch is the "stockish looking" GT-R wing with extended wing plates.

Monester offset & fitment in wheels is Final Konnexions trademark.
Notice that the side sills are made out of carbon fibre.

This is how she looked today at the Final Konnexion's booth at TAS 2010.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Desktop backrounds vol2


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Desktop backrounds

Long time no see, or something. Tuners crew has been wasted lately so we havent got time to update ouer blog for while.. so.. heres couple desktop backrounds for you:

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