Subaru Club Finland – Autoslalom

Last week Subaru Club Finland had it first autoslalom in this year, its organized together Cosworth & RS Club Finland. 4WD Subaru isnt maybe best and most agile car for this cramped track, but for sure it was fun again! Here is some photos by Juhis/

Authentic vs. Imitation wheels

Here is a video that WEDS Sport Wheels made showing the difference between their wheels and an imitation wheel. My feeling, not only are you stealing someone’s engineering design, but you are also putting someone in danger. These Japanese wheels go through a strict certification process to be sold. Usually, […]

HKS USA closing their doors

HKS USA, Inc a leader in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) parts industry will be officially closing their United States operations. As of today, HKS’ plan is to close their US Operations by August. However, this does not mean the end of HKS as they will still be fully operational […]

New Bee Racing Toyota Crown for 2011 D1GP

Bee*R’s boss Imai-san has been busy with their other car as well. The Toyota Crown Athlete has a new body kit. It has the same design as the BNR34 on previous posts. The widebody fenders really suit the massive sedan. The Crown is driven by Masayoshi Tokita. The stock V6 was […]

New Bee Racing car for the 2011 D1GP pt.3

It’s ready for the season 2011! The new Bee*R BNR34 deputed at Exciting Car Showdown 2011. Exciting Car Showdown coverage by Alexi Pt1. and Pt2. Exciting Car Showdown coverage by Dino Pt1. and Pt 2.

New Bee Racing car for the 2011 D1GP pt.2

The car is finally painted. After the earthquacke in Japan (on Friday, 11 March, 2011) alot of has changed… Bee*R office escaped the worst case scenario, but a lot of things aren’t like they used to be, business vice. Enough of this. Let’s see some pictures of the new beast. […]

New Bee Racing car for the 2011 D1GP

Looks like Bee Racing Japan (Bee*R) has been busy over the winter months. Their latest creation for D1GP drifting battles is this BNR34 based car. Very JGTC inspired widebody aero. I like it alot! The kit seems to be close to the URAS ER34 GT-kit. I wonder if it’s the same […]

Subaru Club Finland – Icetrack day

On last sunday Subaru Club Finland organized icetrack day for members and i was able to participate with my Impreza. Track was located in Hyvinkää airfield 50 kilometers from Helsinki, track was in very good condition with high walls of snow to lean. Some parts of track were extremely icy […]

New Year – new wheels… Work Meister S1R & M1R

NEW Meister S1R & M1R Release For 2011! The classic Meister S1 has been redesigned. With a completely new center disk, the brand new WORK Meister S1R brings a new generation of style while keeping the heritage of the Meister series. The brand new WORK Meister M1R adds a clean […]

Gymkhana THREE – the I’Autodrome

Ooh yeah! Let the madness continue – Ken Block & Gymkhana THREE – Ultimate Playground; l’Autodrome. The film was made in antique French Autodrome, south of Paris (Linas at l’Autodrome de Linas – Montlhéry). This 1.58 mile oval track, built in 1924, features banks as steep as 51 degrees, which is […]

Evo IX photoshoot

Preview, more to come…

PPK-RUN Reload 2010

Team Alien2nrs crew is ready for PPK-RUN. The car: a brand spanking new Subaru Forester 2.0TD XE. Driver: The Stig — The other Alien2nrs Teams run MK4 Twin Tbo Supra and Mitsu Ralliart Evo 9. The race starts tomorrow morning at 7 am!!!

Sensei air ride civic

Couple pics mr Sensei new civic… Rolling on Impul rs-3  10×17 sweet…  More pics Check also mr sensei blog.