Update for Impreza

Some small update for my Impreza, painting brake calibers and adding extension for steering wheel hub. Brake calibers were loosing paint so they had new layer of it, tough colour was much bright that i was expecting. Subaru have clearly used chimpanzees as models in deciding steering wheel position, so […]

The Perfect Stance

I think the title says it all – the wheels make a car, but without a Perfect Stance the set-up will never be complete. I found a great write-up by Alex Zhao. He’s had over 50 wheel set-up’s under he’s Maserati metallic green colored S2000 Honda. He’s car really pops […]

The balls the size of Alaska

Yep, Eric Teboul has the biggest balls fo’sho! Eric Teboul on his rocket propelled bike breaks his own world record for fastest recorded MPH on a drag strip on 2 wheels with a speed of 281 mph at Santa Pod Raceway. 1/4 mile in 5,2 sec at 281,47 mph (452,98 […]

The Valeo Beep & Park system

Alrighty then – to the business… I live in downtown Helsinki. We have crowded streets and small parking spots. Also my better half sits behind the wheel time to time and needs help when parking the car. Most of the parking spaces are parallel parking type. Sometimes it’s hard to […]

Foracer simulator

Today i got change to test Finnish car simulator foracer . Its Pc powered racing simulator that is made for professional use helping race drivers to learn new tracks and training. There is 3-pedals, gear lever,3″ monitors and right side is “center console” where you can adjust brake balance and […]

Gopro HD hero vs Gopro HD Hero2

Got my hand brand new version of Gopro HD Hero2. Here is quick video to new vs. old camera. You can see much better video on low light conditions. I was surprised that there isn’t so big difference on photo mode ? Gopro HD hero vs Gopro HD Hero2 Thanks […]

The will to Win – Eibach Pro-kit Sportline

Let’s continue with the Fit daily driver project. Yeah – I had the will to WIN, lol I ordered a set of Eibach Pro-kit Sportline’s. They should drop the car about 35-40 mm (1,35 to 1,57 in). I didn’t go for the coilover set-up as I wanted to keep the […]

Subaru Club Finland trackday at Ahvenisto

Subaru Club Finland & Mitshubishi Club Finland usually have common trackdays, so it was this time also in Ahvenisto racetrack in Hämeenlinna. Ahvenisto is old narrow circuit from 1960´s with many curves, its speciality is high elevation changes and virtually non-existent safety areas, but this time there wasnt fortunately any […]

Honda GD1 Jazz/Fit – daily driver project

I bought a new daily driver about a month a go. Before this I had my R32 GT-R as daily driver (except winter driving). I live in northern Europe, Finland – Helsinki to be exact. I needed a winter friendly daily driver as well, as the GT-R isn’t that practical […]

Gymkhana 4 (FOUR)

Yep, it’s out there. The Gymkana movie part 4 is done. The Hoonigan Ken Block pulled it off again! This time the driving was filmed at Universal Studios, CA. You can spot all sorts of different scenes in this film, from Bates Motel to the Jaws movie. New York streets […]

Neste oil rally 2011

Past years we have made trip to central Finland as a spectators to see Neste oil rally, this year wasnt different and we settled to summerhouse at shores of lake Päijänne. We went to see SS4, SS12 & SS17 + service park at saturday. SS4 & SS12 included historic race […]

Finland truly is the country full of Bee*R

Yet another genuine Japan built Bee*R B324R Skyline run ashore of Finland. (this is not the ESV’s ex-demo car). This Bayside Blue R32 GT-R can be spotted this summer in Turku-area. The car has Bee Racing 9,5×18″ B5 chrome wheels. The carbon D1GP wing is hanging on the edge of […]

Gunsai touge

I saw this video posted in www.rs25.com and wanted to share it here. There seem to be minimal marginal make errors in this touge, i dont wonder if there will be some “battle damage” once in awhile. It would be nice to know what suspension and tires this dude have in […]

Subaru Club Finland saturday meeting

Yesterday Subaru club had another meeting and this time just hanging around. Idea was pretty much same as Cars and coffee ™, so we gathered in nice countryside coffeeplace to see others in saturday morning. Here is some photos of that (photos by Pekka Mutikainen):             […]