The new Bee-R BRZ Rocket Bunny

Sometimes mistakes make good things in life. This little mishap gave new life to this BRZ, in a “wide angle” of every way you look at it!

This is always a sad sight. Little error and … ouch!

I think this little bump was a pretty good excuse for something wild… at least that’s hat the boss of Bee*R Imai-san did.

… and wild it was! TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny aero modified to fit Subaru BRZ!

The Bee*R BR-Z is ready for the track again.

In the pit.

Yes, It’ll drift! Imai-san pushing it. Note the Bride seats 😉

Rollin’ like a BOSS

Yellow is the name of the game…

This Rocket Bunny won’t be left unnoticed – The new Bee-R BR-Z Drifter came out great!