The Valeo Beep & Park system

Alrighty then – to the business…

I live in downtown Helsinki. We have crowded streets and small parking spots. Also my better half sits behind the wheel time to time and needs help when parking the car. Most of the parking spaces are parallel parking type. Sometimes it’s hard to see the distance to the other vehicle or to the hidden poles, curbs, etc. So, my solution was to fit a parking assistance by Valeo.

Valeo Beep & Park kit has a LED display with 8 sensors, 4 front and 4 rear.

The Valeo Beep & Park system is not just an accessory; it’s also a high tech device that will make parking your ride really easy! If you dread parallel and reverse parking and, even after years of experience, are still having trouble parking your vehicle after several tries, then the Beep & Park system is just what you need.

Using 4 front and 4 rear mounted sensors, the Beep & Park system locates obstacles to the front and rear of the vehicle (other vehicles, pedestrians, curbs, etc) and informs the driver of their proximity with an audio signal that begins when an obstacle is 1.5 meters (5 feet) away, increasing in volume as they approach the obstacle and becoming continuous when the vehicle comes within 30 cm (12 in) of the object. The Valeo Beep & Park kit is supplied with a set of connectors, a mounting kit and screws, a drill adapted to the diameter of the sensors, angle correction rings and an assembly manual in 12 languages.

– 8 ultrasonic sensors, 4 front and 4 rear (tow bar compatible)
– LED distance indicator dash display & buzzer with adjustable volume

Valeo recommends that you have this product assembled by a certified professional, so that’s what I did. I took the car to my friends ICE & Multimedia store, called Autoextra.

When I dropped the car in the morning I told that I left my pocket camera for their use, to get me some snaps of the installation. Here’s their first mod, LOL.

OK, they started by stripping the bumpers & hatch, all the way to the front.

Looks like rust, but it’s only dirt, huh! They used the oem rubber seal / bushing to get the harness through.

Everything ZIP-tied.

Mark the bumpers and drill the holes for the sensors.

The Milano Red (R81) paint was ordered from near by Paint shop in aerosol spray can. Coat of plastic primer, topped by red paint. Little heat to dry the paint fully. Then assembly and check that everything works.

Nice & neat. Not in your face, but in clear visoin on corner of your eye.

Done! Well pleased with this little mod.