Foracer simulator

Today i got change to test Finnish car simulator foracer .
Its Pc powered racing simulator that is made for professional use helping race drivers to learn new tracks and training. There is 3-pedals, gear lever,3″ monitors and right side is “center console” where you can adjust brake balance and many other thing, as like true racing car.

For this test it was adjusted to “normal” people mode so it uses auto gearbox. It uses Rfactor software and the biggest thing is that you can find all finnish race track to it. And they sayd that they have new Botniaring tack coming near future. Thats is at least 5 month before no one will get ride that track live… sweet!

It was pity that you get only 6 min time to drive, that is 4 laps.Track was Botniaring “old” track As start it takes at least 2 laps to get tires and brakes right temperature so you only got 2 laps to get good time. My time was 1:18.xx, i would ques that 2 more laps and it would go something like 1:16 or so.. Car was 996 porsche race car. its felt quite realistic, those 2 hydraulic motors were to accretive, compared to real life feeling of that kind of race car, but it was fun!!

Simulator price is 32 000 € without tax (alv-0), if you want to buy your own…