The will to Win – Eibach Pro-kit Sportline

Let’s continue with the Fit daily driver project. Yeah – I had the will to WIN, lol

Honda Fit Jazz Eibach Pro-kit Sportline
I ordered a set of Eibach Pro-kit Sportline’s. They should drop the car about 35-40 mm (1,35 to 1,57 in).

I didn’t go for the coilover set-up as I wanted to keep the car drivable on Finnish horror roads. We have too much speed bumps & bad roads in the Helsinki city area.

My lowering springs arrived to Helsingin Rengaspalvelu (tire service), and my friend who works there installed them while I was busy at work. Thanks Nikke!
They even fixed few dents that I had on the driver’s door & rear quarter panel (Sorry no pictures of them). Great service!

So dropped the car off in the morning before heading to work.

I did a little before vs. after pics to show the difference in the ride height.

At first it looks like the front is higher, but actually it’s not. The front fender has higher radius, so it just looks like that. The overall “stance” is right. Even drop on both ends.

Looks ok. Could be a bit lower at the front. I’ll just have to see how this kit is settling in.

This is how we roll – looking better already. The ride is firm but not too stiff or hard. Progressive is the right word. Next mods to come in a few days 😉