Honda GD1 Jazz/Fit – daily driver project

I bought a new daily driver about a month a go. Before this I had my R32 GT-R as daily driver (except winter driving). I live in northern Europe, Finland – Helsinki to be exact. I needed a winter friendly daily driver as well, as the GT-R isn’t that practical any more. I live in downtown Helsinki and I really don’t need a car that much, but still do need it – you know. You can’t have too many rides – right.

I wanted something that could transform to haul stuff if I needed to and a car that would be economical and compact. So, Honda Jazz/Fit was the plan. I’ve been searching for one time to time and finally found a Milano red, EDM (JDM) 2003 GD1 Jazz, with 1.4 L (L13A1 – 1339cc) i-DSI, manual. Built in Japan. Great – finally my first Fit!

I swore that this car is not going to get any mods, as I already have one car that is tuned a bit more. The GT-R has full Bee*R B324R kit that transforms R32 to R34 front end, wide body. It has custom Alcantara interior with Bride Gias Low Max seats, hugging Takata-seat belts. All instruments by EL-series Apexi, Mild Alpine/MDS stereo set-up. Tein Suspension with 19″ ET-6 Work Wheels. (I’ve had 3 different set’s of Work wheels under this car, ouch!), the list goes on…

So, my plan not to mod the Jazz lasted about an hour… 😀
After driving home I went online and got the first thing done. I got a genuine JDM red-dot Fit badge to replace that boring Jazz emblem.

Next talked to my Alien2nrs car club -members about wheels. So friend of mine remembered that he had a set of discontinued Work Nezart Spoke 2 -wheels, in 7×16 ET +38, wrapped in 205/45/16 Bridgestone Potenza S-02. Perfect – wheels sorted.

Yeah, they’re like brand new – what a find! Thanks Tom!

The Work Wheels, Nezart Spoke 2’s have a bit of lip to clear the spokes. The red cap is spot on for the cars overall color.

Then called other friend to get me Eibach Pro kit to drop the car a bit. I don’t want to go to low as the roads are hell here. So, this got me thinking, few more things, like window tint’s and window visors wouldn’t look too bad. I been searching for OEM Honda Access or genuine Mugen ones. No luck yet, but I’ll get them.

No lowering springs in these pics yet. But by the end of the next week this should be sorted.

So, I think I got a good start here. Little mods, here and there to keep me happy. And plan to keep the car as a daily driver is still going strong. The car is fun and solid to drive and has tons of space. The best part is the fuel consumption – what a laugh compared to the (99 RON) V-Power hungry RB26 Twin Turbo Skyline.

Let the project FIT begin!