Neste oil rally 2011

Past years we have made trip to central Finland as a spectators to see Neste oil rally, this year wasnt different and we settled to summerhouse at shores of lake Päijänne.
We went to see SS4, SS12 & SS17 + service park at saturday.
SS4 & SS12 included historic race and there was really impressive machines like Lancia 037, Porsche 911, BDA…etc, for sure it was really nice bonus and these guys were really driving them like in glory days of these beauties.

Really mint RS2000 driven properly

Group B classic Lancia 037

Austin Mini Cooper

Porsche 911

Oh yes, there was also some modern ones like this Citroen DS3 WRC

Ford Fiesta WRC

Evo9 group N

Citroen R2

Stages at this rally can punish quite harsh from errors or durability of mechanics, at service park battle damage part 1

Battle damage part 2

Battle damage part 3

Need windscreen, bumbers, rearwings, doors for Mini WRC?

All space used well