ACS / TCS 2010 – Bee*R in the Club

The annual easter car show was held at Helsingin Messukeskus (Expo Center). It’s a 4 day mayhem of American classics and dragsters etc, the other half is full of Euro, Jap, Tuned and exotic flavors. Drifers, lowriders, ICE cars etc. One corner is stuffed of Street Fighters and other motor bikes.

This year Alien2nrs-crew & friends were hanging at stand [read – motorhome], enjoying the laid back scene [read – drinking BeeR].
I helped few friends with their graphics (HC Graphics), like Samuli’s [] Time Attack GT-R, Puppe Speed’s styled MK4 Supra, Valtonen’s mental RX-7 (Powered by Nissan SR20DET), Nikke’s #02 car aka S13, Team Falken Drifter and Atte’s Techart Porsche to name a few.
Juhis did he’s usual stuff, the Team Falken video loop for the pit screens and some photoshooting.

I didn’t want to take my car again to this show, so I did something else. The expo has an official party always on the second day of the 4 day extravaganza.
I got asked if I wanted to take my car to the afterparty – to the Club? Yes, that’s right. Well it’s first time for that, I thought.

Here’s the results:

The guest star for the evening was rap artist Redrama.

This thread would be worthless with out pics. Juhis worked he’s magic behind the lens again, check the out pics here: ACS/TCS 2010.

Here’s a poor video clip of the afterpartys club flavors.

This was shot at The Circus nightclub in Helsinki. It took us few hours to get the car up on the stage. I think it was worth it, what a night! Thanks for everyone who came along.