R34 Super GT Widebody

Apache Racing in Saitama Japan has come up with new widebody kit. Partnering with the custom guys from Final Konnexion and Brian Crower. The kit has design cues of legendary Super GT -series R34 bodykit. It can be mounted on GT-R or GT-t and it uses oem Nissan/Nismo GT-R front & rear bumpers.

The cars debyt is this weekend in Tokyo Auto Salon 2010.

This is how it started.

Molded bits ready.

Starting to take shape. Notice the rear quarter, it panel goes all the way up to the trunk line. So you can fit this to either GT-t or GT-R.

Nice touch is the “stockish looking” GT-R wing with extended wing plates.

Monester offset & fitment in wheels is Final Konnexions trademark.
Notice that the side sills are made out of carbon fibre.

This is how she looked today at the Final Konnexion’s booth at TAS 2010.