Bee*R gets full Zaino treatment

After removing the vinyl graphics from last seasons theme, it was time to give the exterior it’s shine back.

First I removed the graphics… 5 hours later it was ready for good wash with strong car shampoo to remove all that sticky dirt. Zaino Clay Bar (Z-18) is excellent for the asphalt tar stains.

After that we started with Zaino (Z-PC) Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner & Swirl Remover. This stage was done by machine.

Masked for machine polishing.

Next stage was done by hand, the Zaino (Z-AIO) ALL-IN-ONE cleaner polisher. It’s really easy to apply and remove.
Then we started the polishing stage. The Zaino (Z-2) PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finish was chosen. Three coats of Z-2 with ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive witch accelerate the drying process.

We alsso sealed each layer of the Z-2 to build as strong and deep shine as possible. The Zaino (Z-6) Ultra Clear Gloss Enhancer Spray and Zaino (Z-8) Grand Finale Spray Seal were used.
To top of the cake the Zaino (Z-CS) Clear Seal was applied, it’s easy to use. Just spray a thin mist on the surface, no wipe. It drys of leaving beautiful shine.

The 11 stage Zaino polishing session was done. It took a bit of time but it was well worht it.

Thanks to Pade, Santtu & Teme for the help.