All that is nothing without a good stance is all about database of wheel fitments for various vehicles. It’s purpose is to show how different wheel fitment may look, and also aid those in deciding what wheel specifications to choose from for their vehicle.

The site contains aggressive fitments which require excessive camber adjustments, body modifications, stretched tires and any other means to create their specific stance… Let’s check some of set-ups out!

Gallery has a chart to see all the specs & pics.

Mazda RX-7 Year: 2000
Front: 19×9.5 Offset: +18 (tire: 225/35)
Rear: 19×11.0 Offset: +11 (tire: 245/35)

General notes:
– Rear fenders pulled
– Front fenders lipped and heavily modified underneath
– Rear Guards pulled 10mm
– Front Guards rolled and inner guards modified
– Ohlins ‘by Panspeed’ Coilovers w/adjustable dampers
– SuperNow Camber Pillow Balls Front
– SuperNow Camber Pillow Balls Rear
– Stock calipers
– Member D CUPS of

(T.R.A Kyoto, 6666 Customs: Rocket Bunny – GT-Rodeo Special).
Nissan S13 Year: 1990
Front: 16×9.5 Offset: +11 (tire: 205/45)
Rear: 16×10.0 Offset: +11 (tire: 225/50)

General notes:
– Rocket Bunny fenders
– R33 five-lug hub
– R33 30mm calipers
– R33 oversized Nismo rotors
– Kei Office coilover suspension (front 8kg and rear 6kg), pillow-ball mount
– Owner Kei Miura

Nissan S13 Year: 1991
Front: 18×9.0 Offset: +2 (tire: 215/40)
Rear:18×10.0 Offset: -7 (tire: 225/40)

General notes:
– Front camber -5.5 degrees
– Rear camber -7 degrees
– Stance GR coilovers with custom slotted front brackets for additional camber
– Powertrix rear upper control arms
– Megan Racing rear toe links
– Henry Chan of

Subaru Impreza WRX Year: 2006
Front: 18×10.0 Offset +35 (tire: 255/35)
Rear: 18×10.0 Offset +35 (tire: 255/35)

General notes:
– Camber -3F, -2.5R
– Rolled and slightly pulled fenders
– Rotora 4pot calipers front, stock rear
– Member ommmjido from

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Year: 2001
Front: 18×10.5 Offset: +12 (tire: 255/35)
Rear: 18×10.5 Offset: +12 (tire: 255/35)

General notes:
– Wheels 15mm plus 3mm spacers = 12mm eff. offset
– Custom widened fenders
– Owner Itakichi
– YouTube user: itakichi3
– Blog:

Stance is so important that it can either make or break a car’s tasteful appearance whether they got the nicest paint job, nicest body kit, and/or even the nicest wheels. All that is nothing without a good stance. This is a very subjective topic, but I think we can all agree that if the wheels don’t fit right, it just ruins the car’s body flow.

The stance of the car simply consists of two things to work… dump and flush (no relations to toilets.) Lowering a car alone already improves the appearance of the car. It gets rid of that nasty wheel gap that should be left to off-road, dirt vehicles. Flushing the wheels is when you bring the wheels out as far as possible without having the top tire treads past the fender lip. This flushed look helps the body panels to continue the flow down to the wheels. It makes the car look more “whole”.

Of course, stance is a simple concept, but to achieve a good one, it involves quite a bit of homework. Lowering suspensions, camber, wheel size/offset, tire size/stretch, fender roll/pull, and other factors are needed for this to work, but this is another story as it can become very involving. There may also be negative effects such as premature wear of the tire, suspension components, and hazardous driving conditions depending on how extreme the stance is.

“Any car can be made to look real good. All it takes is a good stance.”
– Son Tran ( urges anyone who think they have good wheel fitment to contribute to the database by adding your wheel fitment setup.