Alien2nrs in japan – Car shop day 3

Are you ready for this? The car shop day 3!

Me & Juhis headed to Machida City, located in the western part of the greater metropolis of Tokyo. Home of the greatest tuning shops…

We had to take 5 metros & Trains to get there…

First stop was at Monster Sport.
Very clean & professional shop. Famous of their Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak car.

This Evo is called Maziora V2 Champ RS – it was also in TAS.

Show room had Evo 6 & Sti.

On the yard was this beautiful Tommi Mäkinen Evo 6.

In the shop they had their Rally Evo…

…lots of Monster parts, Race Engines etc…

Next stop was my favorite – Bee*R (Bee Racing).

The shop.

Toyota Athlete Crown, a D1 car driven by Masayoshi Tokita.

The D1 Crown has a 2JZGTE engine from a Toyota Aristo. The 2JZ is stroked to 3.4L using HKS kit. It has HKS single T04Z turbine kit, Holinger sequential transmission with an ORC clutch and a TRD LSD. The car is pushing around 700hp.

Some customer cars as well, like the R34 Nismo S-tune and R32 GT-R.

Bee*R’s famous charged S15…

…SR with Super Charger & Turbo!

D1 B324R, driven by Tsuyoshi Tezuka.

GTROC sticker 🙂

Yokomo’s B324R RC-drifter…

The RC-drifters detail is very accurate. GTROC should be very proud of this!

An other B324R drifter. You can spot the difference between the cars, look at the mirrors 😉

Bee*R B324R type-II, non widebody. Using R34 hood.

With this kit, you can also use OEM R34 bumper.

This BNR32 belongs to certain JGTC driver. +800 bhp!

The apprentice and the Master Imai-san.

Used & Outlet – Wheel Proshop Yokohama Garage-kan was next on the line.

As the name says, it’s a shop for used wheels. Representing the quality brands.

The front yard looked very promising…

… and it didn’t let us down.

Gram Lights.

Trafficstar Riverside – SFR.

More wheels on the yard…

That’s for the wheels for now.

It was time to go where few have gone before.

The street sign giving up some hints.

The Tomei HQ & pro shop.

After the office tour it was time to see the research & development line.

VQ35 cams, heads, ect…

New Evo turbos, custom built by Tomei.

Engine dyno room nr 1. (Tomei has 2 of them).

The production line…

The camshaft master. This man is the only man who makes cams at Tomei.
He’s been making them since ’68! We saw cams for new Lambos, Nismo, etc.

These Titanium headers where just mockup models 😮

Test bench BNR32.

Tons of goodies to ship around the world.

Fairlady 350Z was still sporting the 3.5L engine. Other cars in the same Z masters -series where running the 3,8L. This car was still hard to beat. It’s all about the power band – not the horsepower said Tomei.

Last but no least we hit the aftermarket & used parts paradise – The UP-Garage!

Wheels waiting to get checked in.

Toyota Mark II sporting Work Emotion XT7’s.

SSR – Star Formula!

Work Meister S1 3P’s.


OMG – there was 4 halls of wheels!!!

SSR, Rays, Work… you name it – they had it.
All used, good condition. Why don’t we have places like this!?!

Second floor was full of aero parts, hoods, wings, bumpers… brands like RalliArt, Mugen, Greddy, Nismo…

Then they had one shop just for the mechanical parts.

Endless brake kit.



BNR32 engine with turbos etc – ¥159.000.

Shop for seats, electronics & other accesories… just mental.

UP-Garage <3