The week before the trip. Tons of work to do. Deadlines after an other. 4-5 h sleep.  The night before the trip. 3 h sleep, website maintenance, packaging, overall chaos, last minute checks… That’s how our journey to the Le Mans begin. 

Helsinki Airport 05:00 am.

Our “homes” for the week. ’16 model VW California & Fiat Multijet 150 aka “the icecream box”.

Heading from Frankfurt to Paris, the weather was good…

And bad. 

Forward 100’s kms… Pit Stop to supermarket Cora and Mickey Dees

“Le Tripple Royale with Cheese” was on the menu.

Paris was well, Paris… 🙈

12,5 hours later – Le Mans and the grid area is around the corner.

Our camping site area is Epinettes, which is one of the best! It’s really close to the track and the Race village & Pits.

Happy campers hard parked!

Team Risi Competizione #82 🇺🇸/🇫🇮/🇮🇹

Stay tuned for better pics – now off to bed for the much needed rest.

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