Alien2nrs in Japan – Osaka 2nd day

After Endless-R it was back to Osaka. Then the next was trip to Global-Auto.

Some super clean cars in house, like the Autech Stagea RS260 puhshing +700 bhp, HKS V-Cam syestem, T51R… One off wide body NSX… Spoon Demo S2000 hard top. Huh, some serious rides.

Spoon Sports S2000 street warrior.

Mr. Matsumoto was very kind and showed us all cars he had. He was sorry that “he didn’t have anythin special in” at the moment. – Yeah right.

+800 bhp stroker kitted V-Spec BNR34, +700 bhp Autech RS260 Stagea, RE-Amemiya FD RX-7, Evo’s, Supra’s, NSX’s, tuned single turbo Skyline GT-R’s, Trial Tuning demo cars, etc. This place was off the hook.

Matsumoto-san, thank you!