Yearly Archives: 2009

Season’s greetings

It’s time for some old classics 😀 Rare Exports (Movie 1 – The Original Film) Rare Exports (Movie 2 – The Official Safety Instructions) The 3th part is a full movie! It’s coming out next xmas…more info:

Winter is here!

It’s been snowing for 2 days now, at least in Helsinki Finland… I got a video from my friend up north. Check out the latest film from the Riders Of Cold Kingdom -crew aka R.O.C.K. from Sodankylä (War Village) Finland. View the film full here: The Dream More info of […]

Evo maintenance

After driving happily with the Evo through the summer it was time to show it some love and do some basic maintenance.On the list for the day was changing the engine oil, change the brake discs and pads in all four corners and the brake fluid.After driving the car on […]

Eurocruising 2009

Couple photos on this years first and only Eurocruising night. Cassu posing with his Merc ML Teemu´s Subaru and Pade´s Evo on back. As you can see it was very dark and rained once a while. Some random Hondaaah Some Merc again… Cassu´s ML again Bee*r MK IV Supra with […]

Helsinki international air show

Alien2nrs team was visiting Helsinki international air show 15-16th august in small Helsinki-Malmi airport, Whole show was very well organized and it gathered 72000 spectators in two days. Even airport was small they succeed to have there varied range of planes, from small ultras to Red Bull DC-6. Also Finnish […]

Mitsubishi Evolution IX GSR -06

Allrighty, I thought it would be time to introduce the newest member of this crew. The car has already featured shortly in this blog before, in the white car photoshoot by Juhis but here’s a short introduction and some specs. After owning two Saabs (yeah, go figure) I just got […]

Cleaning enginebay

Now that car have a good start in exterior look, its time to start make enginebay cleaner. 11 years have done its duty and lot be done, so have to start somewhere. It started with changing intake pipe and adding radiator coolingplate. Zero/Sports intake pipe and radiator plate. Zero/Sports quality […]