Alien2nrs in Japan – Roppongi

Tokyo is famous of it’s nightlife and Roppongi is the place to go, so we headed out for the night. Metro to Roppongi. Spotted R35 GT-R on the way. Shark in a fish tank… … next to this interesting big creature. TGI Firdays offered great meal in a American style. […]

Alien2nrs in Japan – Asakusa, Ueno

Asakusa is known for it’s old temples. This traditional area is Tokyo’s most famous for the Sensō-ji district, a Buddhist temple dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon. We had to check it out. But first we had to get some breakfast – DOUTOR Gourmet Coffee. This place had really good sandwiches, […]

Alien2nrs in Japan – Tokyo

We have seen Osaka for now, time to move on. So we grabbed the Shinkansen train to Tokyo. The service was good, as always. Sapporo beer… We saw Mt. Fuji Finally at the Tokyo – Ueno. Ueno First City Hotel, japanese style rooms 😀 Hai! Lol… it’s got a warmer […]

Japan day 4

Todays to-do list was: – NHK Tv-station– Osaka Castle– And Den Den town electric stores First visit was to NHK – Osaka Broadcasting Station, Japans biggest TV-station. The home of Domo-kun. Live morning show. Max reading the news in English. He did well. Can you see his backpack in the […]