Some new goodies to Impreza & trackday

Impreza got new brake rotors couple of weeks ago, now brake pads came and were fitted to calibers. I choose Ferodo DS2500 and reagarding roadtest i am happy for them. Also Tein EDFC found its way to car, could easily live without it but still quite handy. Last trackday of […]

New rotors for Impreza

Right front rotor was out of balance and made braking in highspeed very shaky experience, also new ones look much nicer than old rusty ones. New rotors are grooved and drilled Tarox sport japan.

More update for Impreza.

Earlier steering wheel hub had 5cm extension which leaved gear shifter slightly far away, solution was easy and very well working: extension for shifter also. Solution is not very “pretty” in my eyes but it works well.

Update for Impreza

Some small update for my Impreza, painting brake calibers and adding extension for steering wheel hub. Brake calibers were loosing paint so they had new layer of it, tough colour was much bright that i was expecting. Subaru have clearly used chimpanzees as models in deciding steering wheel position, so […]

Gunsai touge

I saw this video posted in and wanted to share it here. There seem to be minimal marginal make errors in this touge, i dont wonder if there will be some “battle damage” once in awhile. It would be nice to know what suspension and tires this dude have in […]

Subaru Club Finland saturday meeting

Yesterday Subaru club had another meeting and this time just hanging around. Idea was pretty much same as Cars and coffee ™, so we gathered in nice countryside coffeeplace to see others in saturday morning. Here is some photos of that (photos by Pekka Mutikainen):             […]

Subaru Club Finland – Autoslalom

Last week Subaru Club Finland had it first autoslalom in this year, its organized together Cosworth & RS Club Finland. 4WD Subaru isnt maybe best and most agile car for this cramped track, but for sure it was fun again! Here is some photos by Juhis/

Subaru Club Finland – Icetrack day

On last sunday Subaru Club Finland organized icetrack day for members and i was able to participate with my Impreza. Track was located in Hyvinkää airfield 50 kilometers from Helsinki, track was in very good condition with high walls of snow to lean. Some parts of track were extremely icy […]

Cleaning enginebay

Now that car have a good start in exterior look, its time to start make enginebay cleaner. 11 years have done its duty and lot be done, so have to start somewhere. It started with changing intake pipe and adding radiator coolingplate. Zero/Sports intake pipe and radiator plate. Zero/Sports quality […]

New suspension for Impreza

Impreza´s suspension was also updated by fitting TEIN super street coilover set with pillowball upper mounts. Old TEIN springs and KYB shocks. New set fitted. Adjusting camber, caster and toe. Camber was set in 1.20 degrees angle which helped to reduce typical annoying understeer of Impreza. Many thanks for Nikke […]