Foracer simulator

Today i got change to test Finnish car simulator foracer . Its Pc powered racing simulator that is made for professional use helping race drivers to learn new tracks and training. There is 3-pedals, gear lever,3″ monitors and right side is “center console” where you can adjust brake balance and […]

Alien2nrs Blog

Hi to everyone. Well, after battling with Google and Blogger for 5 years we decided it was time to move on. Let’s try blogging with WP for now on. The previous address was complicated then and now

DC Gymkhana Spoof

Don’t try this at home… After Ken Block’s first spectacular “Gymkhana Practice” tire-hazed its way to Internet popularity, IMV Films geared up to produce a ridiculous SPOOF of the original. Make no mistake, this over-the-top video IS SARCASTIC, RATHER THAN SERIOUS… all with a wicked sense of humor*. *Don’t complain […]

Wangan Run blog

Wangan Run on uusi blogi, joka keskittyy JDM-kulttuuriin ja GT-R autoihin. Mikäli olet lukenut DropJayn blogia, niin tämä on hänen uusi tuleminen. Wangan, Tsukuba, Daikoku, Mine’s, Voltex, Rays – Volk Racing, ARC, Auto Select, Nismo, HKS, JDMego = JDM Hardcore… KEEPIN’ IT REAL SINCE DAY ONE! EDIT 5.9.08: WanganRun aka […]