Random shit


This summs up the boating season. This pics were taken at last summers Hangon Regatta boating festival.   Good times!    

The Perfect Stance

I think the title says it all – the wheels make a car, but without a Perfect Stance the set-up will never be complete. I found a great write-up by Alex Zhao. He’s had over 50 wheel set-up’s under he’s Maserati metallic green colored S2000 Honda. He’s car really pops […]

The balls the size of Alaska

Yep, Eric Teboul has the biggest balls fo’sho! Eric Teboul on his rocket propelled bike breaks his own world record for fastest recorded MPH on a drag strip on 2 wheels with a speed of 281 mph at Santa Pod Raceway. 1/4 mile in 5,2 sec at 281,47 mph (452,98 […]

DC Gymkhana Spoof

Don’t try this at home… After Ken Block’s first spectacular “Gymkhana Practice” tire-hazed its way to Internet popularity, IMV Films geared up to produce a ridiculous SPOOF of the original. Make no mistake, this over-the-top video IS SARCASTIC, RATHER THAN SERIOUS… all with a wicked sense of humor*. *Don’t complain […]

Top Gear for the win!

Extreme Ford Fiesta road test Best car review ever!?! “The Top Gear boys are deeply offended by a fan letter claiming that they don’t review cars properly anymore. To compensate, Jeremy Clarkson takes the new Ford Fiesta for an extraordinary road test including a car chase inside a shopping centre, […]

Nissan GT-R vs. Blendtec

Will It Blend? – Nissan GT-R “Tom got a new Nissan GT-R, the fastest production car in the world. Now Tom wants to see if his car can compare with the speed of his Blendtec Total Blender.” Corvette – crushedPorsche – crushedFerrari Enzo – crushed