This summs up the boating season. This pics were taken at last summers Hangon Regatta boating festival.   Good times!    

2012 Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown

The new Bee*R R34 drifter looks nice and sharp under Nagoya sky It’s featuring the new Work Emotion CR Ultimate “Kiwami” wheels. Daijiro Inada & Keiichi Tsuchiya – Bosses behind Drift Muscle & Exciting Car Showdown More pictures here: Exciting Car Showdown 2012 This Celica went overboard with Oni-Camber – […]

The Perfect Stance

I think the title says it all – the wheels make a car, but without a Perfect Stance the set-up will never be complete. I found a great write-up by Alex Zhao. He’s had over 50 wheel set-up’s under he’s Maserati metallic green colored S2000 Honda. He’s car really pops […]

The balls the size of Alaska

Yep, Eric Teboul has the biggest balls fo’sho! Eric Teboul on his rocket propelled bike breaks his own world record for fastest recorded MPH on a drag strip on 2 wheels with a speed of 281 mph at Santa Pod Raceway. 1/4 mile in 5,2 sec at 281,47 mph (452,98 […]

The Valeo Beep & Park system

Alrighty then – to the business… I live in downtown Helsinki. We have crowded streets and small parking spots. Also my better half sits behind the wheel time to time and needs help when parking the car. Most of the parking spaces are parallel parking type. Sometimes it’s hard to […]