The week before the trip. Tons of work to do. Deadlines after an other. 4-5 h sleep.  The night before the trip. 3 h sleep, website maintenance, packaging, overall chaos, last minute checks… That’s how our journey to the Le Mans begin.  Helsinki Airport 05:00 am. Our “homes” for the […]

Epic Road Trip To Le Mans

24 hours of Le Mans – I’m very excited about the fact that we’re heading to Le Mans in a less than a week! This will be the 84th FIA World Endurance Champinonship (WEC) held at Le Mans. The actual 24h race will start June 18th. Here’s the LM P1 […]

2013 HTS – cars show vibes

2013 HTS aka Hötsi car show So, we decided about 2 months a go to take a part in this years HTS car show. We didn’t have any cars ready and decided to built two completely different styled cars for the show. One with VIP-styling cues and the other with […]

Prepping for HTS aka HÖTSI 2013

It’s been a while since we last entered our cars to a car show. So this summer we decided that it was time to hit the “show scene” again. Just to give the next generation tuners run for their money, hah! We’re bunch of old dude’s but we still enjoy […]

Subaru sti v5

Bikes and Subaru

Hi It’s been while since I last posted here at 2nrs blog. I sold my KH2 Nissan Skyline GT-R a year ago and I haven’t got any “proper ride” since that. Instead I’ve build couple bikes. The first was this 750cc Ducati Monster. And the second was this Triumph Daytona 955i […]


This summs up the boating season. This pics were taken at last summers Hangon Regatta boating festival.   Good times!